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*Don’t be a shmegege! Here is a list of the expressions used:

1. Oy Vey!

2. Oy! Bisel Verklempt!

3. I was fressing uncontrollably!

4. Somebody’s a real farshnoshket!

5. Somebody laid a fortz?

/It’s a real farshstunken!

6. Ach! A deigeh hob ich!

7. It’s a shtik naches!

8. Alaichem sholom!

9. Chmalyeh!

10. Mashshugga!

11. Chas v’ cholileh!

12. Mirtsishem!

13. Me ken brechen!

14. Oy! Chamoyer du ainer!

15. Oy vey!/Drek!

16. Azoy!/Azoy gait es!

1. An expression of frustration 
2. A little emotional!

3. I ate uncontrollably!

4. Somebody’s a real drunk!

5. Somebody laid a fart?

/It’s a real stinker!

6. I should worry!

7. A great joy!

8. To you be peace!

9. Wow! Bang!

10. Crazy!

11. God forbid!

12. God willing!

13. You could vomit from this!

14. You blockhead!

15. Crap!

16. Really!/That’s how it goes!

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