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*Let us explain to you what we are talking about!

1. So… it a dat wid you!

2. Hmm… a so di ting set!

3. Me very ben man!

4. Dat shot man!

5. Me feel a happen!

6. Heng up!

7. Me a feelin’ real irie bout now!

8. Hol’ a Medz!

9. Knock me!

10. Me Kwenga! (boy)

11. Him Kwenga? (girl)

12. Zeen?

13. To di worl!

14. It did shelly!

15. Mi a forward

16. Up Up Man!

1. That’s how you are!

2. That’s the way it is!

3. I’m very upset!

4. That’s fantastic!

5. I feel fantastic!

6. Shut up!

7. I feel great now!

8. Relax!

9. Call me/text me!

10. I'm a "star boy!"

11. He's a star boy?

12. Understand?

13. An expression of approval

14. Awesome!

15. I’m coming

16. Awesome!

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