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The little stinkers are back again… To drive you crazy!


Introducing poopiebabies PHRENZY, a match/puzzle game done in poopiebabies stylee.


The object of the game is easy – look at the scene and the generated tile and decide – is it correct or incorrect?


Now, you know it’s not exactly that easy. You must make a correct number of choices to get to the next level. You must avoid making a set number of incorrect choices.  Oh, we forgot – there is a countdown clock to add to the fun!


As you go to higher levels, it gets more and more challenging.


With naughty poopies, hilarious scenes and music at its funkiest, you will be caught up in the poopiebabies madness!


…poopiebabies, deceptively simple, decidedly stinky!

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A PIXZOID Production

PoopieBabies is a registered trademark
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