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Introducing PoopieBabies VENGE – a wild tile game!


Oh those little poopies are at it again! Tap on tiles to gain points, but watch out! It can be harder than you think. (Watch out and watch the clock too.) Try to reach the point goal and press the advance button (and not before) before your time runs out. 


As always with a poopiebabies game, it gets more challenging as you level up. Just wait ‘til you get to the Evil Level 5… if you can make it. Go on a binge with venge! 


See if you can make it to Level 5, win and join the poopies dancing at the club!


Oh, those poopies are so naughty. Remember – Deceptively simple, decidedly stinky!


How to play:


There are five levels with increasing point values. Select adjacent matching tiles for points. The greater the amount of tiles you successfully select, the more points you gain. You must reach the level goal and press the advance button to go to the next level/win before you run out of time! Don’t try to press that advance button before you reach the level goal. That is a no-no!


It is possible that the level scene you play may have bonus tiles. If you reach and defeat the 5th level, you can stay up late and join the PoopieBabies at the club... bring your own ba-ba!

A PIXZOID Production

PoopieBabies is a registered trademark
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