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How to play (for additional tips, see stunkus detailicus):
The game is played in three rounds.
The first level has one platform and two Poopie Babies. (figure 1) The second level has two platforms and four Poopies. The third level has three platforms, thus six Poopies. Obviously, the more Poopies you have to “watch,” the more challenging the game. If, and we do mean – if, you can complete the first round, you progress to the second round, umm... maybe even the third!


Use the controller next to the Poopie (figure 2) to advance the Poopie to mid-screen and back. The buttons next to the double arrows (figure 3) take your Poopie across the screen. (You know how fast Poopies on the loose can be.)

Use the buttons to have the Poopie capture the “yummies” that fall out of the sky. If you miss too many yummies and it falls to the floor, you lose. If the Poopie eats all their food, you go to the
next level. Mmmm!



Needless to say, the game gets progressively faster and more difficult.
And by the way, if you make it to the third level, the Poopies need to eat their yummies and avoid the notorious GEJM! (Green Eye Jelly Monsters)


They only want to meet and greet the little darlings... and scare the poop out of them! Big-time game over! - P-hew!

Feed them, love them  – use your gamer skills to “shake and dodge” your way to the end,
and the Poopies will do their stinky PoopieBabies Dance for you!

A PIXZOID Production

PoopieBabies is a registered trademark
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