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Once upon a time, on a Saturday afternoon, I mentioned to my wife the benefits of creating an app. You “just” need a good idea. That was the hard part. Or so I thought.

Right then, I thought of a potential game. Rambunctious little toddlers, “Poopies” who do what toddlers, “Poopies” do – basically run around, eat, refuse to eat, fart and … poop!


Little children, “Poopies” just like a good fart, are ubiquitous, culturally universal and uniquely hilarious. The cute factor goes off the chart with Poopies.


That day, that Saturday, Poopie Babies was conceived.

They have been frustrating me, and making me laugh – many times out loud, alone in the room ever since.

Three years has passed since that thought came to mind…


Something was tenacious about Poopie Babies. They wanted  to be “born.” They wanted

to be part of an app, a game. Who  knows what else they will be part of? They may even become part of pop culture!


I hope so, I gave up painting for these three years to develop and nurture my little poopies including two sets of twins. Fraternal twins, a boy and a girl – Funky CeCe and Stinky ZeZe. Also two boys – Ben and Glen, the “stink-stink” twins.


Although pooping is certainly not the stuff of table talk and social gatherings, let’s face it,

it is culturally universal. We simply cannot get away from it.


And with cute, little Poopies from around the world, it is just a little bit less objectionable,

a little less offensive. (That is, unless you have the privilege of diaper duty!)

Everybody may not appreciate the topic, but everybody, whether by force or voluntary admission, relates to it. We are  human beings after all, and this is a big, smelly, stinky common denominator.


You might as well throw in farting too.


As an accomplished actor once said to his son on a great sci-fi television series quite frankly: “Peter, everybody poops!”

A PIXZOID Production

PoopieBabies is a registered trademark
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