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Deceptively simple, decidedly stinky!
Have you played the “poops” yet? A little frustrated? Perhaps upset? Maybe said a bad word
or two? (One in particular comes to mind – but don’t say it… there are poopies present!).

Well, we want to help out in dealing with the smelly little darlings. These additional details will
help you to understand what you’re up against. You begin by choosing the language you want
the game to play in (English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and last but not least – Russian!)

Level 1 – Gassy Cassidy and Funky LiLi (English) The poopies are different according to the language you choose. See "other languages" section for poopie rosters. They run about quite rapidly. Not to difficult for them to grab all the yummies and reach for the stars. You need to catch two stars to get to the next level. And they aren’t picky. (They even like the broccoli...for now.) And... there's something we're not telling you – and you can't make us!!!
Level 2 – Things get a little more complex now. You are dealing with four poopies this time – what are you, crazy! Again your smelly crew varies, depending on the language chosen. Introducing your smelly crew (English)– Stink Queen Ernestine, Doodie Head Ced, Stinky Dimitri and Twangy Tina. See "other languages" section for poopie rosters.
There are a total of four stars to catch this time around. You may hear some ill-mannered sounds, but the poopies don’t mind. They certainly don’t care either.
Also, the play is a bit more challenging for level 2 and a lot more for level 3. The poopie actions occur one tap at a time. Oh, you can tap more than once, and see what happens, or doesn’t happen! You have to be a bit more strategic in your play. Well… you are dealing with four poopies after all. But don’t worry, you’ll thank us later, if you reach Level 3!
Level 3 – Six, yes count them, SIX poopies running around. Their "business" is to drive you crazy! Your stinky posse is (English): Nose Attack Jack, Silent but Violent Violet, Squirty Gertie, Funky Abu-bu, Bombs Away André and Peanut Butter (don’t ask) Barbara. See "other languages" section for poopie rosters.
Six stars are to be caught this time, and just like Level 2, don’t miss a one. Doing so takes you completely, and we do mean completely out of the game. IT'S GAME OVER! That’s what you
get for letting any of your poopies have a, shall we say, mishap.

Some of what the yummies eat may cause a disruption in the play. Don’t worry, the game will come back after the poopie does his or her business, but you better remember where you were!

Same one tap at a time action for all six poopies, people.

Now, in addition to all this you have to deal with; you have to dodge the GEJM that come up from the bottom. They are the Green Eye Jelly Monsters! They represent everything bad in flatulence and bowel movements – bad smells, bad sounds, a bad situation. They upset the little poopies’ tummies in the worst way.


Oh – don't get cute and think you can tap the top two poopies, Bombs Away André and Peanut Butter Barbara to a win. They won't like that at all!

One more thing. When the Level loads, before “popping out the poopies” (say that three times fast!) try touching a poopie's tummy. You might like what happens.
This is one game you should be glad doesn’t have Smell-O-Rama!
Handle your business, play the game, and take care of those POOPIEBABIES!

A PIXZOID Production

PoopieBabies is a registered trademark
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