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Explore and implore your “inner child” with                             .


Sometimes you just have to say a definite, “NO!” or a shocked “OH NO!” or a smile of approval, or a tongue-stick of disapproval.


Choose the “poopie” you identify with most, or let any character be your “spokespoopie.” Hey – you can have a conniption, or even throw a tantrum by having your poopies do it for you!


Get StinkyStickersStackPacks (say that 3x fast) and let your little poopie do the talking (and get away with things you wouldn’t dare text by being represented by super-cute poopiebabies.)


The PoopieBabies’ StinkyStickersStackPacks are available in four different sets of poopies, or purchase the complete collection as a bundle app.

A PIXZOID Production

PoopieBabies is a registered trademark
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